AHz Concepts specializes in creative concepts, ideas, and their implementation in the event industry and beyond. Our  vast network of visual artists, designers, performance artists, musicians, and event artists means that we can create just  about anything you wish us to dream up. 

 A focal point for our company is merging "high art" and event art; whether it is entertainment and event production  influenced by a period in art history or conceptual performances at a gala, our goal is to provide the unusual and unique  to our clients, NOT the "same old" experience and performance that patrons are used to seeing at every single event. 

 While we have a plethora of themes and entertainment on hand for clients to work with, we thrive at custom-creating and  tailoring for each event or circumstance. 


 AHz Concepts was founded by Abby Hertz to meet the needs of highly discriminatory and artistic-minded clients.
 Abby has an educational and professional background in fine art, art history, art criticism, & curatorial work as well as seven years of event production experience and over 10 years in the entertainment industry. 


  •  Installations
  •  Sculpture 
  •  Murals 
  •  Framed Art
  •  Live Painting
  •  Graffiti Art
  •  Living Installations
  •  Performance Art
  •  Body Painting
  •  Ambient Characters
  •  Portrait Commissions
  •  Circus Performers
  •  Burlesque Performers
  •  Specialty Acts
  •  Stage Shows
  •  Unique Musical Acts
  •  Interactive Workshops and Speakers
  •  Make-up Artistry
  •  Custom Invitations
  •  Creative Consultation
  •  Themes and Concepts
  • Fire effects for television, film, and fashion
       We provide both temporary art for events and permanent acquisitions of traditional fine art, murals, and installations. 

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